Building an Ender Portal in Minecraft allows you to access the End dimension, which is home to the powerful Ender Dragon. To create an Ender Portal in creative mode, you’ll need to gather some essential items. Although it may seem challenging at first, this guide will take you through the steps needed to assemble an Ender Portal and enter the End dimension.

First things first, you must have at least ten blocks of obsidian to assemble the frames for the Ender Portal. Obsidian is found deep underground, and you can easily mine it with a diamond pickaxe. Next, you need to identify a location for the Ender Portal, where it can fit correctly. It would help if you made sure that your location is flat, levelled, and easy to access, as the portal is quite large.

In Minecraft, Ender Portals are used to access The End dimension where players battle the Ender Dragon. But building an Ender Portal can be challenging especially for novice players in creative mode. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to make an Ender Portal in creative mode.

Tools and Materials
Before starting the tutorial, gather the following tools and materials:

1. 12 Ender Eyes
2. Obsidian Blocks
3. Flint and Steel
4. Blocks of any kind

Step 1: Create a Flat Surface
The first step in building an End Portal is to create a flat surface. Choose a location that is easily accessible and has a lot of space. Clear any obstacles such as hills or trees, and create a flat surface using any block of your choice.

Step 2: Create the Frame
Next, create a frame for the portal using Obsidian blocks. The frame must be 5 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall. Leave the center of the frame empty.

Step 3: Place Ender Eyes
Once the portal frame is complete, take the Ender Eyes and place them in the frame. Place one in each of the ender portal blocks.

Step 4: Activate the Portal
To activate the portal, use the flint and steel to light the central block among the frame. When the block ignites, the Ender Portal should be activated.

Step 5: Enter the End Portal
To enter the End dimension, step into the portal. If the Ender Portal was built correctly, you should now be in the End dimension.

Step 6: Defeat the Ender Dragon
In the End dimension, players must slay the Ender Dragon. The dragon can only be defeated by destroying its health crystals and then attacking it.

Step 7: Collect the Dragon Egg
Once the Ender Dragon is defeated, a dragon egg will appear on top of the exit portal. Collect the dragon egg using a piston to push it or simply destroy the block beneath it.

Step 8: Exit the End Portal
After collecting the dragon egg, use the End Portal to exit the End dimension. The portal will take you back to the Overworld.

Step 9: Rebuild the Ender Portal
If you want to return to the End dimension, you will need to rebuild the End Portal. Simply place the Ender Eyes in the block frames and ignite the central block.

Step 10: Modify the End Portal
If you want to modify the End Portal for aesthetic purposes, use any block type to decorate it. You can also add torches or other light sources to make it stand out.

Building an Ender Portal in creative mode is easy, and it is a fun way to explore The End dimension. By following these steps, you can experience the thrill of battling the Ender Dragon and collecting the dragon egg. So gather your materials and start building an Ender Portal today!

Materials Needed to Build an Ender Portal in Creative Mode

Building an Ender Portal in Creative mode is one of the simplest and quickest methods of getting into the End, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require a certain number of materials. It is important to gather all the necessary materials before beginning to assemble the portal, so that one does not run out of materials halfway through the process. Below we have outlined the materials needed to build an Ender Portal in Creative mode.

1. 12 Obsidian Blocks

The key material that is required above all others is the obsidian block. The obsidian block is a dark purple block, with a glass-like texture, that can only be obtained either from water and lava or from an evening’s obsidian mining. It is necessary to obtain at least 12 obsidian blocks to build a complete End Portal. Obsidian blocks can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe, so ensure you have one made before you start.

2. 12 Ender Eyes

Once you have the obsidian blocks on hand, you will need to craft 12 Ender Eyes. Ender Eyes are one of the essential components of the Ender Portal. Ender Eyes can be crafted by combining blaze powder with the ender pearl. It is worth noting that Ender Pearls are dropped by Endermen, and Blaze Powder can be obtained by killing Blaze mobs in the Nether.

3. Water Bucket

A water bucket is required to make the obsidian blocks. In Creative mode, all that is needed is a single bucket of water, which, when placed exactly where the portal is to be constructed, can be used to create the obsidian blocks.

4. Enchantment Table

An enchantment table is an essential part of any Minecraft player’s inventory, but it is also necessary for creating an Ender Portal. A book, two diamonds, and four obsidian blocks are required to craft an enchantment table. Once you have an enchantment table, you will be able to enchant your weapons and armor.

5. Diamond Pickaxe

Before you begin to build the End Portal, you must first obtain a diamond pickaxe. A diamond pickaxe is required to mine obsidian blocks, which are essential components of the portal. Diamond pickaxes are expensive, but they are the only tools that can be used to mine obsidian blocks.

6. Ender Dragon Egg

Once the player has reached the End, defeating the Ender Dragon will give an ender dragon egg. The ender dragon egg is a decorative block that can be placed as a trophy on a pedestal or on a floating platform as a reminder of the player’s victory.

7. Building Blocks

Once all the above materials are gathered, players can begin the process of building an Ender Portal. However, it is recommended that some building blocks be made available to help fill in any gaps. Cobblestone or any other type of stone makes a great choice for creating pathways and filling up gaps in the portal.

8. Crafting Table

A crafting table is an essential item in Minecraft, as it allows the player to craft items from materials they have gathered. It’s crucial to have one nearby while building the Ender Portal, as players may need to craft new tools or weapons as they progress in their journey to the End.

9. Torch

Torches provide a good source of light when building the Ender Portal, especially when building in dark caves or deep underground. It is recommended to bring a few torches with you when starting the construction process.

10. Armor and Weapons

While it is not required to have armor and weapons to build the Ender Portal in Creative mode, it is recommended for players to have a set of armor and weapons by their side, as they protect the player from harm and ensure that the building process runs smoothly. A bow and arrow can be particularly useful for taking out enemies from afar.

Materials Needed to Make an Ender Portal in Creative

12 Ender frames12
Ender pearls72

To make an Ender portal in creative, you will need to gather some essential materials. One of the most crucial materials is Ender frames. You will need 12 Ender frames to create a fully functional Ender portal. Ender frames are the base of the portal, and they can be crafted by combining blaze powders and eye of enders.

The second most essential material you will need is Ender pearls. You will need about six Ender pearls for each Ender frame. So, if you’re planning to build a complete Ender portal, you will need about 72 Ender pearls. Ender pearls can be obtained by killing Endermen, which are tall, black, aggressive mobs that spawn in the Overworld.

Building an Ender Portal in Creative

Once you have all the necessary materials, building an Ender portal is quite easy. Follow the steps below:

1. Start by placing Ender frames in a 4×5 rectangular shape on the ground.

2. Once the frame is complete, right-click each of the ender frames with an ender pearl.

3. As you place the ender pearls, you will see the Ender portal light up. Once all the frames are filled with pearls, the portal will be complete.

4. Step inside the portal and get ready to face the Ender Dragon.

Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Ender Portal Experience

Building an Ender portal is all about exploring the End, fighting the Ender Dragon, and collecting valuable treasures such as Elytra and Shulker boxes. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your Ender portal experience.

1. Bring a water bucket with you – You can use water to break your fall while exploring the End.

2. Do some research on how to properly fight the Ender Dragon – The Ender Dragon is a tough boss, and you need to be well-prepared to defeat it.

3. Prepare to collect abundant resources – You can find rare items such as Elytra, shulker boxes, and chorus fruit in the End.

4. Keep some Ender pearls handy – Ender pearls can be used to quickly move around the End and avoid falling in the void.


Building an Ender portal in creative takes some effort, but it’s definitely worth it. With the right materials and a few tips and tricks, you can explore the End and collect valuable treasures while fighting the challenging Ender Dragon. So, gather your materials, prepare yourself, and step inside the portal to embark on an incredible adventure!

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