Subnautica is a popular underwater survival game that gives players a chance to explore the vast depths of an alien ocean. In the game, players have to collect resources and build structures in order to survive. One of the most important resources in Subnautica is fiber mesh, which can be used to craft various items, including flippers, radiation suits, and air tanks.

Making fiber mesh in Subnautica is a relatively simple process, but it can be confusing for new players. To create fiber mesh, you’ll need to collect two resources: creepvine samples and a knife. Creepvine samples can be found on the tall, green plants that grow in the underwater forests of Subnautica. Once you’ve collected a few samples, you can use your knife to turn them into fiber mesh. In this article, we’ll go over the steps you need to follow to create fiber mesh and use it to survive in the game’s harsh underwater environment.

Materials Needed

If you’re just starting out in Subnautica, you may be wondering what you need to gather in order to make fiber mesh. Luckily, the recipe for this important crafting ingredient is fairly simple and beginner-friendly. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Creepvine Seed Clusters (2)
  2. Knife

Step 1: Locate Creepvine

First things first, you need to find a Creepvine cluster. These can be found easily enough in the shallow, kelp-filled areas of the game. Once you’ve located one, swim up to it and start gathering.

Step 2: Gather the Seed Clusters

Use your knife to cut away two of the Creepvine Seed Clusters. These will be the main ingredients for your fiber mesh. Make sure to grab enough, as you’ll need them for other tasks as well.

Step 3: Crafting the Fiber Mesh

Now that you have your Creepvine Seed Clusters, it’s time to make some fiber mesh. To do this, go into your inventory and select the Creepvine Seed Clusters. Then, click on the “Craft” button to create your fiber mesh. Voila! You now have your very own fiber mesh.

Uses of Fiber Mesh

So now that you know how to make fiber mesh in Subnautica, what can you do with it?

1. Reinforced Dive Suit

The reinforced dive suit is essential for exploring the deeper areas of Subnautica. Fortunately, it only requires a few pieces of fiber mesh to make.

2. Habitat Builder

The Habitat Builder is one of the most important tools in Subnautica, allowing players to construct their own underwater bases. Fiber mesh is required to craft several essential components, including the Hatch and the Bulkhead.

3. Laser Cutter

The Laser Cutter is an important tool for accessing new areas in Subnautica. You’ll need fiber mesh to craft the Cave Sulfur, which is one of the key components of the Laser Cutter.

4. Waterproof Locker

Finally, fiber mesh can be used to craft the Waterproof Locker. This handy storage container can be used to store equipment and resources both on land and underwater.


Making fiber mesh in Subnautica is easy and straightforward, and it’s an essential component for crafting a variety of tools and equipment. With a little bit of effort, you can gather all the materials you need to create your own fiber mesh and start exploring the depths of this amazing game.

How Does Fiber Mesh Work in Subnautica?

Fiber mesh is a necessary resource in Subnautica that can be used for various purposes. It is a type of fabric made from the seaweed-like resource Creepvine, which can be harvested in abundance around the game’s starting zones. The resource is instrumental in creating essential tools and equipment that players need to progress through the game. In this section, we will be discussing how fiber mesh works in Subnautica and how to make it.

Creating Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

Creating fiber mesh in Subnautica is relatively simple and straightforward. To make it, the player requires the Creepvine samples obtained from the Creepvines present in the starting zones of the game. These samples can be gathered using a knife, which is one of the first tools that the player will create in the game.

Harvesting Creepvine and Creating Creepvine Clusters

To obtain fiber mesh, the player first needs to harvest Creepvine samples. Once the player has a few of these samples, they need to combine them to form Creepvine clusters. Creepvine clusters are necessary items and are used in crafting multiple items in the game.

Converting Creepvine Clusters into Fiber Mesh

To convert Creepvine clusters into fiber mesh, the player needs to use the fabricator, which is a device used for crafting in Subnautica. The Creepvine clusters, when placed in the fabricator, will produce two fiber mesh. These can be used in crafting a variety of items, including silicone rubber, fins, and radiation suits.

Uses of Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

Fiber mesh is used in a variety of crafting recipes throughout the game. In the early stages of the game, fiber mesh is used to create basic items such as fins and radiation suits. It is also used in crafting advanced items such as reinforcement plates and synthetic fibers.

Importance of Fiber Mesh in Surviving Subnautica

Fiber mesh is essential in the early stages of Subnautica as it allows the player to create necessary items that aid in survival. Fins, for example, allow the player to swim faster, conserving oxygen and reducing the risk of drowning. Radiation suits provide protection when exploring the game’s radioactive zones, while reinforcement plates provide protection against damage from hostile creatures.

Tips for Obtaining Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

One of the easiest ways to obtain fiber mesh is by harvesting Creepvine clusters. These clusters can be found in abundance in the game’s starting zones and can be obtained easily using a knife. It is also advisable to keep a steady supply of fiber mesh on hand, as it is used in crafting essential items.

What Should You Do if You Run Out of Fiber Mesh?

If you run out of fiber mesh, collect more Creepvine clusters and use the fabricator to convert them into fiber mesh. It is often a good idea to have an ample supply of Creepvine samples and clusters as they can be used in crafting multiple items.

Alternatives to Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

While fiber mesh is crucial in crafting specific items in Subnautica, there are alternatives to it. Silicon rubber, for example, is an alternative to fiber mesh and can be used in crafting some of the same items, including fins and radiation suits.


Fiber mesh is an essential resource in Subnautica that can be used to craft various items necessary for survival. It is straightforward to gather and create, and it is advisable to keep a steady supply of fiber mesh on hand. Keep in mind that there are alternatives to fiber mesh in the game, but it remains a vital resource and is worth collecting.

Materials needed to make Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

When playing Subnautica, one essential material that you will need to craft is fiber mesh. Fiber mesh is an integral component of tools such as fins, air tanks, and rebreathers. There are some basic materials needed to make fiber mesh in the Subnautica game. In this section, we will discuss the materials that you need to gather to make your fiber mesh.

Creeper Vine

To make fiber mesh, creeper vines are essential. Creeper vines are an organic material that can be found in cluster form in kelp forest biomes. Players need to harvest the vine clusters using a knife or by hand, then chop them into smaller pieces to create fiber mesh. One crucial thing to note is that creeper vine clusters can be difficult to see at first sight, so it’s essential to search in the kelp forests carefully.

Silver Ore

While creeper vines are the primary ingredient for Fiber Mesh, you will also need to gather a material called Silver Ore. Silver Ore is a mineral resource in the game that can be found in various areas and cave systems. To mine Silver Ore, players will need to use a Scanner or Propulsion Cannon to break them open. Once you have obtained enough silver ore, you can combine it with Creeper Vine clusters.

Cluster Sampling

Cluster Sampling is a method your character can use when gathering creeper vines in Subnautica. When using cluster sampling, players are encouraged only to take the outer layers of the clusters, which ensures the plant can continue to grow. This method of obtaining creeper vines allows players to gather enough material without destroying the natural environment.


It’s essential to have proper storage on hand when gathering materials to make fiber mesh. The player’s inventory can fill up quite quickly, and utilizing storage like a locker or wall-mounted storage can save a lot of time. Having ample storage can help you gather many creeper vines and silver ore upfront, allowing you to craft several fiber meshes at once.

Fiber Mesh in Fabricator

Once you have all the necessary materials ready, the next step is to craft the fabricator. You can craft a fabricator if you don’t have one yet. Once you have a fabricator, place your creeper vines and silver ore into the inventory, and then head over to the fabricator. From the fabricator, you can select fiber mesh as the option to craft, and then proceed to select the quantity desired.

In conclusion, making fiber mesh in Subnautica involves gathering the necessary materials, creeper vines, and silver ore, ensuring you have adequate storage, utilizing the cluster sampling technique, and then using the fabricator to combine the creeper vines and silver ore to craft fiber mesh. With this guide, you should now have a better understanding of how to make fiber mesh in Subnautica.

Sweet dreams, ocean explorers!

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you found this guide on making fiber mesh in Subnautica helpful. With time and practice, you’ll be able to gather enough resources to craft anything you need to survive the harsh conditions of the vast ocean. But for now, it’s time to rest and recharge. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back for more tips on exploring the mysteries of Subnautica!