If you’re in the mood for DIY projects, making pom poms out of yarn is a fun and easy way to create colorful and fluffy embellishments for your projects. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, making pom poms can be a relaxing pastime that produces satisfying results. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of making pom poms out of yarn using a few simple tools and techniques.

To get started, all you’ll need is some yarn, scissors, and a pom pom maker or a piece of cardboard. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can make pom poms of various sizes and colors that can be used to decorate hats, scarves, bags, or even made into playful toys for kids. So let’s dive in and discover how to make your own yarn pom poms today!

Choosing the Right Yarn

When it comes to making pom poms, the type of yarn you choose can make a big difference in the final product. Here are some things to consider:


The weight of the yarn refers to how thick or thin it is. Bulky or chunky yarns will create larger, fluffier pom poms, while thin yarns will produce smaller, more delicate pom poms. Decide what size pom pom you want and choose a yarn weight that will achieve the look you’re after.


Different fibers will create different textures and looks. Wool blends are great for creating fluffy pom poms, while acrylic yarns tend to produce firmer, more structured pom poms. Consider the intended use of your pom poms and choose a fiber that will work well for your project.


The color of your yarn will obviously impact the appearance of your pom pom. Consider the color scheme of your project and choose a yarn that will complement it well.

Wrap Your Yarn

Once you’ve chosen your yarn, it’s time to start wrapping it to create your pom pom. Here’s how:

Cut Your Yarn

Cut a piece of yarn that is roughly 6 inches long and set it aside. This will be used later to tie your pom pom together.

Wrap Your Yarn

Take the end of your yarn and start wrapping it around your fingers. The more times you wrap it, the fuller your pom pom will be. Aim for at least 50 wraps to start.

Change Colors (optional)

If you want to create a multi-colored pom pom, wrap your yarn to the halfway point, then switch to a different color and continue wrapping.

Tie Your Yarn

Once you’ve wrapped your yarn to your desired thickness, slide the bundle of yarn off your fingers and lay it on top of the 6-inch piece you set aside earlier. Tie the 6-inch piece around the center of the bundle in a tight knot.

Cut the Loops

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut through the loops on either end of your bundle. Be careful not to cut the 6-inch piece of yarn you tied around the center.

Trim Your Pom Pom

Take your scissors and trim any uneven or stray pieces of yarn to create a round, even pom pom.

Fluff and Shape

Use your fingers to fluff and shape your pom pom until it looks just right.


Making pom poms out of yarn is a fun and easy way to add a pop of color and texture to your projects. By choosing the right yarn and following these simple steps, you can create beautiful pom poms in no time. So grab your yarn and scissors and get started on your next crafting adventure!

Choosing the Right Yarn for Your Pom Pom

One of the most important aspects of making a pom pom is choosing the right yarn. While you can technically use any type of yarn to make a pom pom, some yarns produce better results than others.

1. Wool Yarn: Wool yarn is commonly used for making pom poms because it has a natural bounce and fluffiness that makes the pom pom look full and fluffy.

2. Acrylic Yarn: Acrylic yarn is a great option for budget-friendly pom poms. It is inexpensive and comes in a wide range of colors and textures.

3. Chenille Yarn: Chenille yarn is a softer yarn that produces a smoother pom pom. It’s great for making pom poms that will be used for blankets or soft toys.

4. Cotton Yarn: Cotton yarn is not commonly used for pom poms because it is not as fluffy as wool yarn. However, it is a great option for making pom poms that will be used for home decor or fashion accessories.

5. Novelty Yarn: Novelty yarns come in a variety of textures, colors, and fibers, making them a great option for creating unique and eye-catching pom poms.

When choosing the right yarn for your pom pom, consider the final use of the pom pom. If it’s for a soft toy or blanket, a fluffier yarn like wool or chenille would be best. However, if you’re making a pom pom for home decor or fashion accessories, a yarn with a tighter texture, like cotton or acrylic, would work better.

Materials needed to make a pom pom

When you are ready to make your pom pom, prepare the following materials:

YarnYou will need the yarn of your choice, in the color and weight that you prefer. You will need a large amount since pom poms are dense and can use a lot of yarn.
ScissorsA sharp pair of scissors will make cutting your pom pom easier.
Fork or pom pom makerA fork can also be used to make small pom poms, but for larger pom poms, a pom pom maker that can be purchased at a craft store may be helpful.

Instructions to make your pom pom

1. Prepare your yarn

Start by unraveling a large amount of yarn from your skein. You will need enough yarn to hold in one hand and wrap around your two fingers multiple times.

2. Begin the wrapping process

Hold the end of the yarn between your thumb and your index finger and begin wrapping it around your fingers. Make sure that you’re not wrapping too tightly or too loosely, or your pom pom won’t come out the right shape.

3. Cut the yarn

Once you have wrapped the yarn around your fingers approximately 100 times, cut the end of the yarn from the skein. Make sure that you leave a few inches of yarn hanging down so that you can tie it securely later.

4. Tie the yarn together

Carefully slip the looped yarn off of your fingers and lay it across a flat surface. Take a piece of yarn and wrap it around the center of the looped yarn, making sure to tie it tightly.

5. Cut the loops of the yarn

With your scissors, carefully cut through each loop on both sides of the center knot. Make sure that you are cutting cleanly and without disturbing the center knot. As you cut through each loop, the yarn will begin to resemble a pom pom.

Congratulations! You have made your very first pom pom. With these easy-to-follow steps, you can make as many pom poms as you want, in different colors and sizes. Have fun and get creative by adding them to your favorite accessories or decorations.

Happy Pom Pom Making!

Now that you know how to make a pom pom out of yarn, let your imagination run wild! Add them to your winter hats, scarves and even home decor. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you had fun making your own pom pom. See you soon for more DIY inspiration!